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Ask Jerry Jones to Step Down as GM!

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Jerry Jones Quote:

When asked by Dale Hansen on 2/26/09, if he felt guilty about firing coaches over the past 12 years because of the lack of playoff wins, but not fired himself as GM, Jerry Jones answered, "Well, the good news is I haven't had to run off 5 or 6 general managers at the same time we were changing coaches..."

For those of you who have voted "None!", "Once!" or "Twice!" on the poll above, you may want to reconsider!

                       Make Your Voice Heard!


I, as many of you, am ready to cheer our Dallas Cowboys

to a Sixth Super Bowl, but I truly don't believe that this

will happen as long as Jerry Jones is the GM.  I realize

that as the owner of the team, there is no way that we  

can get Jerry Jones fired.  However, imagine if we're able

to get thousands of Cowboys Fans to tell Jerry that this

is what we need, as a team, to win a sixth championship. 

If only one of us says it, I doubt that it will ever be

heard by Jerry, but if thousands of us say it, our unified

message will be delivered.  This is why I have created

this webpage to rally all of the Dallas Cowboys Fans  

together to ask Jerry Jones to step down as the Dallas  

Cowboys' General Manager.  So let's join together to ask  

Jerry Jones to make the changes needed to get a Sixth

Championship for all of the Dallas Cowboys Fans!




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